Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Pinterest Win

Pinterest ---- what a wonderful invention. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!  You set up your boards, you pin things and and then if you are like a lot of people, you hope you get the chance to actually try the item you pinned.  If you ever wonder how some of those items turn out -- go check out the blog:  Pinstrosity -- it's a hoot!

But I had a PIN WIN!  When I saw this, I just KNEW I had to do it and do it up I did.  
On my Feelin' Crafty board, I pinned this:

Here's my pin if you want to visit it:  My Quick Tip Tuesday Pin

For my stamping, 95% of the inks I use are Close To My Heart (CTMH).  I've tried other sponges, but I love the ones from CTMH and already was in the habit of cutting the round/circle sponge into eights.  But I struggled with keeping track of which sponge I had used for which ink.  How couldn't I?  There was no way to mark the sponge nor store it with the ink. 

UNTIL I SAW THIS PIN!!! I just had to try and and it worked like a charm!  Binder clips, mailing labels (which I cut to fit on the binder clips) and then CTMH sponges.

Here's one example .......

Now a sponge for every stamp pad!!
And stored so nice and neat in a drawer in my craft room.

Because I'm fussy and couldn't stand a jumble of these in the drawer, I put about 6 on a skewer then had to figure a way to keep the skewer stable.  I made a triangle out of paper stock fit and punched a half circle on the card stock in which the skewer lays (or is it lies).  Anyhow, it totally works for my organized brain.
It's easy for me to search for the color/sponge I need, slide it out and ink up my cards, scrapbook pages and other crafty endeavors.

A PIN WIN!  yeah me! - Denise

Sunday, October 27, 2013

I'm BACK!!!

I have to say, that I really was planning on shutting down my blog.
In my mind, it was too much work.  But then I thought maybe I'm just MAKING it too much work.
After all, nothing is requiring me to create tutorials - something I thought I would HAVE to do when I showed my work.  And there is NOTHING requiring me to list ALL of my materials as long as I attribute the correct pattern or inspiration.

Whew!  What a burden off my shoulders.  Now I just need to get the durn pictures off my camera and sit down and blog!  Yup -- made that decision AT LEAST a month ago.  I'm just "johnny on the spot".

So here I am to share an item now that I have a direction.  I'm still trying to figure out the whole blogging thing so quite a bit of work to do there.  I'd like to add buttons, change themes, etc.  But one thing at a time .......

And since it's almost Halloween - here is the "boo" bunting I made last year ....

I used a bunting pattern that I pinned to my Christmas Ideas board on Pinterest.

Of course, the wonderful Lucy at Attic 24 is the creator of this pattern.
Here is a direct link to her post:  Jolly Festive Bunting

I was lazy and did not block my finished work.  But it's looking pretty good for it's second Halloween.  I'm still so happy with it!  I used leftover yarn I had on hand and orange felt that I also just happened to have.  So sorry that I have no supply list.  

Hope everyone has a boo-tiful Halloween!!!!  ---- Denise

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Blog Hop - Pear & Partridge

 Welcome to the Roxybonds Scrappers Team December 2012 Blog Hop!  

  We are featuring artwork from the Close to My Heart's Pear & Partridge paper pack.

  If you have come here from Keeley's blog, then you are on the right path. 
  Your next stop will be Amber's blog.

 Today I have created cards using the Pear & Partridge card workshop.
Not only did I do the entire workshop and made 15 cards, but I kept going --- I purchased an extra Pear & Partridge paper pack and made a second set of 15 cards - with just a few modifications to account for smaller card stock and using different stamps in the Pear & Partridge card workshop stamp set.
{now if only I would get my card inserts ready to go, labels printed and the cards mailed -- I would be way ahead this holiday season!  .... but I digress...}

I pretty much stuck to plan and followed the workshop instructions - starting off by cutting all my paper.  I made sure I marked all the parts so I could easily sort the cut paper into their appropriate card "piles".

 Here's a lovely view of my crafting table with most of the paper pieces cut out and labeled.

Here's the card pieces - labeled and now stamped and/or inked and waiting to be assembled.

A better set of pictures to come -- but I just wanted to show my first set of 15 cards all assembled ... am I the only one that is hopeless with rotating pictures?

 Here is one of the cards from the workshop.
For the first set - I stuck to the workshop - I really was looking to see how quickly I could put together 15 cards -- you have to understand -- I can literally spend hours creating a card or two.  Agonizing over colors for paper, ink and embellishments.  That doesn't even account for what gets written inside.  Every now and then I want easy - and yet I want hand made.  This is the first time I have done one of CTMH's card workshops.
This photo is a bit soft - or blurry - but it is the best one I have.  I will say that stamping the Merry Christmas over and over for the background was not my idea of fun!  I would definitely do better with patterned paper --- but I made it!  yeah me!

Love love love the stamps in this set!    I think on one of my cards I have the long green ornament that is on the far right - upside down.  Wonder if anyone will notice.  :)

Now - for slightly smaller cards with a bit of a twist.
 I switched my background ink on this set so I would not have to do 2nd generation stamping --- thus not driving me so crazy.  And since my purchased [blank] cards were slightly smaller the piece I had to stamp for this was smaller and the pattern seemed to work out better for me.  Now - with that said I switched from Cocoa ink to Bamboo ink.  And did I not say that the stamps in this set are wonderful!  I used a different saying for the front:  Christmas is love with all the trimmings
I switched up the saying on this card also and the changed up the stamps.  I really wanted to incorporate the bird stamps so a bit of playing around and I came up with this.  Same basic paper layout as the original - just my own touch with the stamps and yet another saying:  Wishing you harmony and love this Christmas.

One afternoon -- 30 cards.  Whew!  I was tired but very very happy with the outcome .... now about the insides of the cards and the labels ...... never mind ....now hop on over to Amber's blog for your next stop.

Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for stopping by!  Denise.

Friday, October 5, 2012

October Team Blog Hop - Moonlight

Welcome to the Roxybonds Scrappers Team Blog Hop!  


We will be featuring artwork from the Moonlight paper pack.
  If you have come here from Stephanies's blog, then you are on the right path.  Your next stop will be Jen's blog.

  Today I have created Halloween cards for my little ones.  I have three grandchildren and decided that from the Moonlight Workshop on the Go (WOTG) I would make cards.

The Moonlight WOTG is a great set!  Not only do you get the stamp set and papers but the Haunted Assortment  and Sparkles Assortment finishes everything off so nicely.

I used three different CTMH inks - Smokey Plum, Slate and Goldrush.

Here's my first card ....

Don't you just love the owl and the saying?
Card number two ....
I used the Trinity stamp set from Close To My Heart for the word "boo".  To color in the mummy, I used a sponge tip applicator and lightly inked in Smokey Plum over the Slate ink outline.  Yep -- this is my second attempt.  I was a bit heavy-handed with the Smokey Plum the first time around.

And finally, card number three .....
I think the sparkles just finish this off nicely, but I like a bit of sparkle on my cards and scrapbook layouts.  At least this spider is cute - because spiders are NOT my favorite thing!

Inspiration ....  put the record player on because I say it over and over again:  I use magazines and CTMH workshop guides for inspiration.  My Moonlight cards were inspired from the CTMH Hooligans WOTG card guide as designed by Jeanette Lynton.  You can tell I use the guides sometimes very closely as seen in card #1 and #2 and with card #3 for inspiration.

Here's a snap of the workshop guide from Hooligans.

These were fun to make.  I love everything about the Moonlight set.  I do hope my two teenagers will want to carve pumpkins this year because this will be a great set to use when scrapbooking those pictures ... if i get any pictures that is.  And not to brag, but I'm getting better at taking pictures for my blog.  I still have a long way to go and lots to learn. 

Now hop on over to Jen's blog for your next stop. Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pinspiration - Zoology

Last week I realized I had not sent out a card for my new great-nephew.  WHAT!!  I needed to make a baby card .... pronto!  Looking through my stamp sets I happened upon my Close to My Heart (CTMH) stamp set:  Zoology.  I have used the ticket stamp - but nothing else.  I quickly hit Google search and found my inspiration - and quickly pinned it on Pinterest. 

So, my inspiration came from Scrapbook Snippets she had done a series of cards using the Zoology stamp set.  I picked her elephant card to mimic.

  • 4 x 5 1/2 white card (I usually purchase cards in bulk)
  • CTMH paper - Elemental Workshop on the Go (WOTG)
  • Stamp set - CTMH Zoology .... the 0905 on the ticket is the Baby's birth date.  
  • Stamp set - Ali Edwards, "Beauty of Spring" from Technique Tuesday
  • Cricut cartridge - CTMH Art Philosophy
  • Inks:  CTMH Dutch Blue and CTMH Tulip
  • a scrap of Tulip ribbon ... I think.
  • A button from my button stash
This was a fun little card to whip up.  And in case you are wondering --- this is my copy.  A friend of mine from whom I first learned stamping told me to make two of each card and to keep one.  You should see my stash of cards!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Avonlea Blog Hop

Welcome to the Roxybonds Scrappers Team Blog Hop!  

  We are featuring artwork from the Avonlea paper pack and the Scholastic Paper Pack.
I have chosen to use the Avonlea Work Shop on The Go.

  If you have come here from Catherine's blog , then you are on the right path.  Your next stop will be Stephanie'sblog.

  Today I have created a two page layout using the Additional Layout option available in the Avonlea Workshop on The Go.

Here is my finished layout:

Keep reading for more information on my layout....

One of the things I like best about the Close To My Heart, Workshops on the Go is that they take the guess work out of creating a layout.  I never created 12x12 layouts until I started using the WOTG's.  I go back to the WOTG guides over and over again as I look through pictures and the guides and then the paper and mix and match but I use them again and again.  Even this one, I put my own touch on it not following everything exactly.  That's why it is so much fun to use these.  They are a GUIDE - not a rule.  Each person's individuality comes out in the finished product.

I used the Avonlea WOTG paper pack, CTMH chocolate, olive and bamboo inks.  Also, the canvas alphabet, velvelt parlour rub-ons and mocha opaques.
This is the inspiration layout:

You can see from my finished layout that it is similar, but not exactly the same.
I tend to have a very messy desk as I get started.
Upper Right -- paper, guide and stamps --- Lower Right --- paper inked and ready to go ---- Lower Left --- embellishments and more stamps --- Upper Left -- getting started with the layout.

Expert --- no.  Passionate Enthusiast.  YES!!
Thanks for visiting my very first BLOG HOP!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Photo - or - Recipe Box

December!  Well sometimes life just gets in the way -- so I need to get back in the blogging habit -- next month I am going to be in a blog hop so I had better figure out what I'm doing!

I'm officially a Close To My Heart (CMTH) consultant.  That is the blog hop I will be participating in next month.  So, to get started, I worked on covering the photo or recipe box I received in my new consultant kit.

I really didn't think I would use this but after thinking about it I realized it would be a good thing to store bling in -- BLING!! As in all the little bits of gems and pearls you add to your scrap-booking and card-making projects.

Supplies:  CTMH Recipe Box, CTMH Bamboo Ink, CTMH Elelmental paper and Stamps from Wings and Live Inspired sets.  I used an Antique Copper brad and bitty sparkles and regular sized pictures.  The flower I made from some muslim and tulle that I had on had and a paper flower I already had too.   I had some vintage lace too.  I like girly girl things - can you tell?

First steps .... Start with the box and the supplies.

Next -- Ink the edges of the box, cut the paper and ink the edges.  I made the flower - sorry no tutorial coming for that.  LOL!  I just keep adding until I'm happy with it.

Finally - put it all together using a strong adhesive!  I used some double-sided super sticky adhesive I had on hand.  The color of paper from the Elemental pack fits quite well with the color of my craft room --- ok -- it's the color of the entire first floor of my home.  A very warm gold color.

Perfect!  Perfect for storing my BLING!!
Decided  I had better add on more finished picture.  :)